Staying Healthy with RESTROKINGS

‘Being Healthy’ is a variable that brings different meaning to different people. It is not like that at all about body structure. ‘Staying Healthy’ is to maintain a balanced life by consuming adequate amount of food. Everyone has own categorized food depending on the taste, metabolism & health issue. One can get the desired protein from meat/fish, on other hand someone can get the same from plant protein like dal. A perfect diet plan means the daily calorie need is fulfilling by the balanced food. It’s estimated that an adult woman needs 1600-2400 calories per day and a man needs 2000-3000 calories per day.

Whole grains and the derived items are the much needed for maintaining daily calories. Rice, wheat, atta and others are comparatively cheap but very good to satisfy the daily need of yours.

Several types of dals are for gaining protein and it’s a good option for those who do not want to intake non-veg proteins.

Fruits & vegetables are a huge source of various kinds of necessary vitamins, minerals, fibers & calories those are needed for a healthy living. Leafy green vegetables are a huge source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium, Fiber etc. Broccoli, Sweet potatoes are sources of Beta Carotene, Vitamin A etc.

Egg yolks, mushrooms etc have the needed Vitamin D.

Fishes, meat are the resources of protein, fat etc.

Zinc elements can be received from nuts, beans, sea food etc.



Sanitization of Groceries- Necessary Steps to Follow

After the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have entered in a new era of human civilization where we have to keep ourselves sanitized always. Being quarantined from such a long time, we have been taught to be habituated of getting all the necessary food & grocery items at doorstep so that we don’t need to go outside frequently. Well, the matter is, after receiving the items, we should always be sure that those are being disinfected properly, before intake.

Here, our research team has pointed out some simple steps for you to follow as discussed for the same-

  1. Use of gloves- When you are going to grab the box, it’s a must to use disposable gloves always. Don’t take any chance of getting infected by direct skin contacts.
  2. Disposal- After use, the next step to follow is the disposal of those used gloves in such a manner that it will not be harmful.
  3. Sanitizing & Washing- Using sanitizer over the box or hands is okay, but never use it on food or groceries, never! Intake of sanitizer by any means will be resulted to serious damage for your health. You can wash the vegetables or meat/fish with clean water for a certain times to make sure it’s cleaned.

Start the cooking procedure after clean your hand (with soap/handwash for atleast 20secs) and the utensils properly. You must keep in mind that being clean, strictly following the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines & maintaining proper hygiene is the way to stay away from the highly infectious virus.   

How to Increase Immunity in this COVID-19 Pandemic

After the pandemic period, we have been taught to maintain good health & positive mindset is must to be protected & safe. Hope we all are following the WHO guidelines of using sanitizer, mask & following proper social distancing. But that is not enough for keeping yourself healthy in a long run. You have to take proper diet regularly of balanced food included exact proportion of Vitamin, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat etc. There are several food elements that provide the exact

Vitamin C- Several types of Fruits, Vegetables like tomato, spinach, cauliflower etc

Beta Carotene- Broccoli, Mangoes, Sweet Potato, carrot etc

Vitamin A- Fish, Diary Products etc

Vitamin D- Egg yolks, Mushrooms etc

Zinc elements- Nuts, Beans, Sea foods etc


& last but not the least, proper amount of water per day.

Nearly 3lt for woman

Nearly 4lt for man


Taking adequate amount of those foods increase your daily immunity and resisting powers & keep you healthy always. 

Effects of Disbalanced Food Supply Chain System in Online Delivery Business

As a result of the Covid-19 disaster, we had been entered to a new world where we always have to maintain much more healthy & hygienic livings! During the long period of staying at home, we had to follow all the safety measures as much as possible. That food supply system, which was sustaining well till the pre-pandemic period, has been affected badly for the sudden disbalance occurred.

Long Break in Tourism Business

The Tourism business has faced a massive destruction in the lockdown period. A large amount of people have lost their earnings. The surrounding food supply business, those were very much dependent on tourism, had been shaken by this wave!  The lack of demand, as well as the lack of availability of the needed items, has put down the business into a very dark phase!

Homemade Foods

During this long period of lockdown, people have been habituated to take homemade foods more than ever before. Bringing food from outside has been reduced a lot due to the applied restrictions. People also are trying to avoid restaurant/hotel foods. This caused a notable effect on the system.

Lack of availability of raw items

The least number of transport availability created the lack of raw items such as fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat & others in some markets. Moreover, due to the fear of availability, some consumers had made a sustainable stock of the items. Thus, the minimum availability resulted to the need of increasing the service charge of the online food services.

Disbalance in costs

Due to least availability & becoming expensive, the restaurants have removed several items from their list. In other hand, some items were added as they were available & less expensive. Thus, the previous overall balance had been disrupted.


The businesses were affected in such a way that the whole online food delivery market has been facing huge challenges till now even after the lockdown removed. The food supply businesses should take some necessary steps to sustain in this situation, such as reconstructing the business model, including new items in the list (such as groceries, raw non-veg items, spices etc), running the business with proper strategy & keeping focus on long term to continue.

Perfect Diet with RESTROKINGS!

You must intake a proper amount of calories to stay healthy & fit. It’s estimated that an adult woman needs 1600-2400 calories per day and a man needs 2000-3000 calories per day (It can be variable by person to person). To maintain this, you should follow a proper diet plan depending on physical appearances. You should be more conscious to choose what to eat, when to eat and from whom to eat.

Take more fruits & vegetables. Regular intake boosts your immunity power to the next level. Green vegetables and fresh fruits protect you from various infections & diseases. RESTROKINGS will be pleased to deliver those fresh items at your doorstep!

When you are going for homemade food, RESTROKINGS provides you all the necessary groceries & raw materials for your kitchen!
Protein is a must needed one for you. You will get a easy supply of animal protein as well as plant protein through RESTROKINGS!

Including whole grain in your diet list is a good choice for you. RESTROKINGS are there for providing you those to maintain your diet chart a well balanced one!

Dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, cream are necessary ones for regular intake.  Our popular merchants will be glad to provide the best items for you.

A good amount of drinking water is a must for a healthy human being. We are there also for you!

With RESTROKINGS, you can easily get all the nutrients that your body needs! Our dedicated team members always follow all the necessary heath measures to keep you safe & healthy!





COVID Effects on Groceries & Way Forward Tips


The world before & after the pandemic, has changed a lot! When Coviid-19 hits & as a result of it, the lockdown started, our daily routine has been changed totally. The availability of essential goods has been affected a lot. Keeping this in mind, the business strategies are also been changed. A market like grocery is also facing huge changes during this pandemic!

Challenges in Grocery Business during Covid-19

Insufficient Availability of goods

As the lockdown been started, the transport industry has fallen down very hard. During lack of transportation availabilities, all the essential commodities are not sufficiently available everywhere.

Dropping Down of Needs

The threat of the virus reached in such a high range and people are in such a life threatening condition that they are spending their daily needs of groceries with a least arrangement but did not go out at any cost! Moreover, a large amount of people has faced the loss of their earnings during this pandemic, as an effect of this, the expenditure cost of them has got down automatically. So, the overall needs of the people are lesser than the pre-covid19 situation.

Trouble of Maintaining Social Distancing on Shops 

During the scenario, in a hugely populated country like India, it was very hard for the shop owners to continue their business with maintaining proper social distancing among the customers who come. People are also feeling threatened to go to the shops & stand by line to purchase.

Effects of Covid-19 on Online Services

Insecurities among people

When it had been instructed to avoid touch contacts, online service & home delivery facilities were getting hampered very much! A large number of people, who were using online services in pre-covid19 period, are in fear. Several incidents has been noted where it’s suspected that the virus was spread unknowingly by online delivery agents.

Shutting down of Business

Various types of businesses got shut down during this period for economic crisis. It includes service providing agencies to shops. An overall market crash caused for the down-graph of online businesses.

Wealth lacking of people

For the huge number of job-losses/ lock-out of businesses, a vast number of people who were regular online customers, are not able to avail it after covid19. It puts a large impact on online services.

How to move forward towards Growth?

Quality Product

Product should be based on maintaining proper health & hygiene. Good quality of product always attracts the consumers more than anything else. Irrespective of whether it’s a normal situation on pandemic like Covid-19, providing high quality of goods to consumers, is the key of your success in business.

Modified business model

The grocery business should be restructured according to this scenario. What are the basic demands of people should be kept on bull’s eye! The supply will follow the primary demands onward. Businesses should be precisely strong in this time to sustain.

Safety Precautions

This is the most vital point to enhance your business! Safety issue is the first thing of what exactly people are looking for right now! When you are going to deliver some grocery items to a customer, maintain social distancing first! Using mask & sanitizer is a must to follow in this pandemic situation.

Pocket Friendly Service

If grocery service providers can focus to provide a pocket friendly service, a large number of people can be engaged with these online services. People, who were not online customers before, will come under the same umbrella to avail the services if it’s affordable.